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Grow your Coral Bark Maple tree in a container to brighten up areas such as a deck, patio or porch. Then when you find the right spot transplant to a permenant location to grow to feet. The small persimmon fruit matures in fall and can hang onto the tree well into winter, which is why this fruiting tree is a favorite with hunters in establishing food plots for deer and turkey.

However, the fruit is also used to make jelly, syrup and pies.

large tree nursery

The beautiful flowers are plentiful, fragrant, and grouped in showy white clusters. Prunus persica has drooping branches that produces beautiful reddish pink double flowers against emerging red foliage that may fade to green with the summer heat.

Japanese Maple Tamukeyama 's new foliage is a deep crimson-red when unfolding but soon turns to a dark-purple red. It is an excellent shade of dark red that holds until late summer with fall color a bright scarlet. Peaches and Cream is a Japanese Maple with white based leaves with dark green veining. Ends and tips change out to reddish shades and remain throughout the summer months. An excellent fast growing tree!

Lush, beautiful deep green, natural privacy can now be yours for the best price on the internet. This fruiting bush grows zones are 3 to 8.

large tree nursery

The white lemon scented flower s open in June followed by deep purple fruit during late August to September.

Arborvitae are your best bets for live fences and screening. The plant grows tall. On average it stands at 10 to 15 feet high with a spread of up to 6 feet wide. From estate landscapes to planted on river banks, River birches transplant easily at any age and is truly one of those plant it and forget about it trees. Proabably one of the most attractive oak trees that is planted today. You will see many of these oak trees planted in public areas and along streets.

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Because of the thin leaf size clean up in the fall is minimal at leaf drop. The Ginkgo tree leaves are fan shaped resembling those of maidenhair ferns. Starting out green in spring, they change over to striking bright yellow fall foliage. Due to the plants disease resistance, this beautiful dogwood is becoming the best replacement for the white dogwood.

Radicans Cryptomeria perfers well draining soil in full sun. Easy to grow tree.

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Great choice for patio or deck privacy. Fast growing hedge tree for privacy. At Greenwood Nursery you will find trees sold as container and field grown bare root. Field grown bare root trees are budget friendly allowing you to purchase more for less. Container grown trees are more expensive but have larger root systems. Plant trees in your landscape for beauty, shade, color, texture, balance and nature.

Specific use determines which trees are appropriate for planting.Choose from hundreds of varieties of trees and shrubs not available at your local nursery - all from the comfort of your couch. Skip the trip and plan your landscape like it's ! We ship crazy fast. So sit back, relax, have a cocktail and wait for your landscape to arrive via FedEx Ground. Almost everything about this can be done in your pajamas.

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We do everything but plant the tree for you but we've got our elves working on that. With decades of combined knowledge, we provide you with the resources for your landscape to thrive! Over the past 5 years, we've perfected our box technology so that your trees and shrubs arrive to you safely and in perfect health.

If there was a Tree-Packing Olympics, we'd probably be gold medal winners. What good is getting your landscape in the mail if your plants show up dead? We've got to admit, sending a tree in a box across the country is pretty unorthodox.

Thankfully, we've become experts at it. More Information.

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A whole group of plants have developed to live in acid soil conditions where other plants will not do so well. Top of the list for gardeners are Rhododendrons and Azaleas, closely followed…. Deciduous trees lose their foliage during winter, bursting to life with new growth once spring arrives.

Many types of deciduous trees bring color to an otherwise dull landscape in fall with their brilliant…. Hedges are one of the major features of many gardens. Besides providing privacy and protection for your garden, they make the perfect backdrop for ornamental and flowering shrubs and plants. The plants you….Get directions to our location New Spring arrivals are in! Check out our on-line inventory! We Deliver!

Sign-Up for Nursery News! Welcome to Monroe, Washington! We're a year-old wholesale grower nursery near Seattle and open to the public. We can help you with your landscaping design ideas and native plant restorations. We have a large selection of shrubs and specimen trees on-site, well suited for use as large or small privacy barriers, hedges or screens.

large tree nursery

Our selection of plants and specimen trees is unmatched by most nurseries in the Northwest. In total, we grow over different types of plants, shrubs, hedges, and trees within our acre nursery and arboretum.

Many of the varieties we grow are native to the Northwest. If you are setting up ground cover to stabilize a slope, looking for the perfect rock garden plant or shopping for an unusual specimen for that special spot, we've got what you need. Come on out and take a walk through our 37 greenhouses and arboretum. Click here for a list of our current inventory. We provide standard delivery to nurseries and landscape contractors for larger orders and unique tree purchases.

Over the past 40 years, we have established a comprehensive network of sustainable, horticulture-practicing growers. We generally do not stock the numbers required for complete restorations at this location, so if you are planning a restoration project, it is always a good idea to contact us in advance of coming out to the nursery. We weed by hand at Woods Creek Nursery.

Our plants are grown in our greenhouses and in our nutrient rich beds on our 25 acre property. Learn more about the program. Call Us Driving Directions. We are taking the following precautions to protect our valued customers and employees during this time:. One person or family in any greenhouse at a time. Call-in or email orders are available and can be picked up in holding area or loaded by staff member.

large tree nursery

Delivery available to most areas. Please wait outside sales office as a sales associate processes your transaction.

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Frequent sanitization will occur and regular hand washing mandatory of all staff. Please keep our staff and customers safe. If you are sick, please save your visit for another time.

Get directions to our location. New Spring arrivals are in! Yes, we deliver to garden centers, job sites, landscape professionals and for large orders! Our one-call order fulfillment service saves you the time of calling around the Puget Sound to find the plants you need. Fall and Spring are tree-planting seasons Contact us now to order your unique showpiece or specimen tree.

Typically, if we don't have the exact plants you are interested in here on site, we can have them delivered from our growing-acerage. Allow 24 hours on a weekday, and sometimes minimums will apply.

Do you need to redeem a Tree Replacement Certificate for removal of trees from power lines?We begin digging trees mid to late April or when the ground thaws. View our Topiary Trees. Plants Beautiful Nursery has been planting trees with this idea for over 40 years. Now we would like to share are large trees with you, so you can enjoy the shade. Whether you prefer a large shade tree or a beautiful evergreen, planting a large tree now means less time until you can enjoy the benefits of shade, wind brakes and privacy around your home.

If you plant a 2 foot shade tree wipe, you might get to sit in the shade of that tree in your lifetime, as it will be only about 6 feet tall with branches in 5 years. And to grow 30 feet tall, it will take another 25 years. A total of 30 years! Planting a 6 foot shade tree will grow to appoximently 20 feet in 15 years, and 30 feet tall in 25 years from the time of planting.

If you hav not moved away by then or left Planting one of our 15 foot shade tree that will grow to appoximently 25 feet in less then 10 years. Or better yet planting one of our 20 foot shade tree that will grow to appoximently 25 feet in less then 5 years!

Realize you are buying time with a bigger tree. You definitely have a good chance of sitting under the shade of this larger tree purchase. Large Trees. Plants Beautiful's Large Nursery Stock. The time it takes for trees to grow If you plant a 2 foot shade tree wipe, you might get to sit in the shade of that tree in your lifetime, as it will be only about 6 feet tall with branches in 5 years.

Heres what we recommend Planting one of our 15 foot shade tree that will grow to appoximently 25 feet in less then 10 years. Size does matter and bigger trees means faster shade.Big Trees is the premier tree sales and transplant company in Washington State. With over 30 years of experience, we provide trees of all sizes and professional services for residential, commercial and government projects.

Our retail nursery specializes in providing the varieties, sizes and colors you want in species that thrive in the Pacific Northwest climate. Ask about flowering trees, fall colors and mature privacy hedges.

We are open Monday-Fridayand Saturday and Sunday Here are directions and a map. Big Trees Inc.

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Come Visit Us in Snohomish. Welcome to Big Trees Inc. Check Out Our Tree Finder. Deciduous Browse our selection of Deciduous Trees lose their foliage. Evergreen Browse our selection of Evergreen Trees keep their foliage. Flowering Trees Check out our selection of Flowering Trees. Specimen Trees Check out our selection of Specimen or featured trees. Open to the Public, No Appointment Necessary. Spring color is popping! Now is the time to tag your tree for installation when covid restrictions are lifted.

The Nursery is open, however, the office is not allowing customers upstairs.Exceptional Quality and Service. Specialists in growing. Offering unique specimen trees and plants in a. Design Group Inc. Nestled between gorgeous rolling hills of Ventura County, you come to a place with half-a-century of tradition built on quality, service and integrity and home to thousands of beautiful large trees and plants ready to be delivered for your project.

We specialize in growing specimen trees, vines, shrubs and succulents. Whether you are a Landscape Contractor, Landscape Architect or Designer, Retail Nursery or Plant Broker you know the importance of a reliable wholesale grower and how that can lead to better value for your clients.

At Berylwood Tree Farm, we understand how important it is for you to find the highest quality materials.

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Founded in by landscape architect, Rolla J. Our commitment is to provide unsurpassed selection and quality with exceptional service. Berylwood Tree Farm is a wholesale landscape tree nursery known for large distinctive container and field grown trees. We have acres of boxed material ready for delivery. We have dedicated employees, many of them working at Berylwood Tree Farm for over 20 years.

Using traditional and current methods in growing, we strive to provide exceptional service to our customers. Our inventory includes many species that are not available at other nurseries.

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Berylwood Tree Farm offers delivery with crane service throughout Southern California. Only God can make a tree! Find your perfect tree today! Nursery Tours by Appointment Only. Our beautiful specimens have been planted at hundreds of projects worldwide.Skip to content. We are stocked with farm fresh trees and plants!

East End Trees is committed to the safety of all our employees and customers during these difficult times. Planting Services Learn More. Landscape Design Learn More. We sell only the highest quality plants and materials grown by award winning growers throughout the country. We take great pride in how we present and display our plants so that you get inspired and gain good ideas for what looks best in your yard while having a great experience touring our nursery.

Excellent customer service. Our sales staff is experienced, helpful and knowledgeable. We will give you individual attention for whatever your needs, and do everything we can to answer all your questions and assist you in purchasing the right plants for your needs. Learn More About Us. The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago The second best time is now.

See what our customers our saying! Read More. This place is different. They will help you find everything you need and even give suggestions. Service is top notch! I found them by an ad. What a nice place! The owner was very nice, the trees and other plants were well cared, the price was amazing! We came from other farms nearby, but finally bought a fruit tree and two hydrangeas from east end.

If you are looking for fruit trees or flowering trees or even shrubs, give them a try, you will be impressive by the price. These people helped us with everything we asked for. We had gone to 2 other garden centers and nobody came out to help us.

A nice woman walked us around and showed us what plants would work well in our yard. She told us we could also email them pictures of our home and they would draw up a simple plan that we could work off. We are on a budget so this works perfect for us.

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